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Financial Planning Service Offerings for Business Entities


III. Independent Qualified Plan Assessment

The advantages and disadvantages of available qualified and non-quali­fied plan options are carefully discussed and considered, resulting in a plan de­sign specifically tailored to achieve the client's stated objectives in the most effective manner. Recommendations for plan implementation are made based on a full analysis of the available plan providers, administrators, record keepers, custodians, and available investment options, including but not limited to the current plan(s) if any, and/or plans currently solicited or previously presented by others. Full disclosure and comparisons are made of the costs to administer, implement and manage the recommended plan(s). Also included are professional recommendations for the preparation of an Investment Policy Statement and a Fiduciary Responsibility check up with monitoring recommendations.

III. Group Benefit Plan(s) Assessment

This service includes analysis of existing Group Plan(s) and recommendations for improvements in plan design, performance, administration, and investment or insurance costs.

III. Key Employee Planning and/or Non-Qualified Plan(s)

Employers know the value of a good employee and would like to attract and retain these individuals. The myriad of Employee Benefit options can be confusing and time-consuming to evaluate. This service is to provide recommendations for mutually beneficial employer/employee plans. It shall include customized plan design and sample corporate resolutions and employee/employer agreements and specific product comparison analysis and recommendations as well as implementation assistance, as needed.


IV. Investment Performance Monitoring and Cash Flow Management Services for Qualified or Non-Qualified Plans, Businesses, Institutions, Trusts, Governmental Units or Other Entities

Services shall include reports at pre-set intervals to evaluate and measure total portfolio performance relative to expected returns and to assess appropriate levels of risk. Asset rebalancing is recommended as needed. Additionally, individual investments are reviewed for effective performance and recommendations for change are made as needed. Monthly Cash Flow and Ongoing Investment Planning is included. Board conferences as needed are included (annually at minimum is recommended). Fiduciary Responsibilities are discussed and appropriate monitoring recommendations are included. Recommendations to prepare or update an Investment Policy Statement if necessary are included.


IV. Plan Review and Update (not as a part of the above service)

V. Additional Services