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The name of our firm is taken from the name of the community in which Donna has resided for over 30 years.  Upon entering the Village of Burr Ridge for the first time (as she exited off I55 onto County Line Road), she was stunned by the beauty and strength of the mighty burr oak trees dotting the ridgeline.  She remembers pondering how these majestic trees had grown from the tiny acorns to trees that had survived generations. With this thought in mind, it seemed appropriate to name her business after this community and to honor the "seeds" she would help her clients plant toward their goals for their future as well as those for whom they care.

Burr Ridge Financial Services, Inc. was initially incorporated in the State of Illinois on March 29, 1978. Shortly thereafter, Burr Ridge Financial Planning Services, Inc. was adopted as its business name to better reflect Donna's main business focus of planning rather than transactional activities.  Clients need to utilize many tools, techniques and products to help accomplish their goals; however, in our office, investment and insurance products and services are purchased by clients, not just sold to them. Our priority is to identify suitable and cost effective means to work toward accomplishing our clients goals and to educate clients so that they may make informed decisions.

As a financial adviser, Donna maintains a continuous long-term relationship with clients during which a financial plan is researched, formulated, implemented and periodically updated, reviewed and adjusted.  These ongoing relationships involve continuous "investment supervisory services", as the term is defined under the Investment Advisers Act. 

Our clients have worked directly with their planner, Donna M. Cainkar, and her non-registered administrative assistant for over 25 years, Cathy Rademacher, at Burr Ridge Financial Planning Services, Inc.  As such, their concerns can always receive personal attention in a confidential manner.